Tiki Matchbook - Wallet

  • $32.00

Is that the sound of faint jungle tom-toms in our ears? Listen, above the sounds of the chattering monkeys, the din of insects buzzing in the night and the waves crashing onto the distant shore, you can hear it. We can just make out the light of torches through the thick jungle growth. Or is it just the 3rd Mai Tai starting to affect my senses? That’s what it is. I’m face down on my new tiki wallet from Retro-a-go-go! An homage to long lost tiki temples of the past. Ah, if I could only wander through these long-gone tropical drink paradises one more time. Bartender! One more Mai Tai and I’ll be in Shangra-la!

Measurements: 4"H x 4.25"W and 8.5"W fully open

Exciting Details:

● Made from high quality, textured vegan leather. Buttery, soft to the touch.

● Durable & stitched throughout.

● Plus two pockets for cash cards, i.d. & documents

● Button pocket to keep small items safe.

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