Dank Interview | Ancient Gifts Of Love

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Dank Interview | Ancient Gifts Of Love

We chatted (from a social distance) with Sayra Love our newest Blogger. Check out her blog Ancient Gifts Of Love. 

So first things first, what is your favorite strain?


What Is your favorite way to consume cannabis?  Smoking herbal rolls are my preferred method. 

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I'm an artist seeking to express myself through visual movement. I love music. I love getting creative and that looks different on a day to day basis. One moment I'm eager to write, another moment I'm headed towards a canvas or a dance studio. I yearn to understand some of the mysteries in life and existence.

How long have you been doing yoga? I've been practicing Yoga for eight years.

What got you into yoga? It truly is a long story. One of my first yogic experiences set the tone for a long journey ahead. I've never been as relaxed as I am when  continually balancing myself through a very complex, unique and personal yoga practice. It is one of my artistic expressions. 

What is your favorite yoga pose? Warrior Pose

Why the warrior pose? Life is a long treacherous battle at times. It's important to embody the warrior self. This pose allows me to step into that archetype. 

What does That Look Like?

Where are you located? The beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Have you always lived in the Pacific Northwest? No I haven't. I hope I get to enjoy more time here. 

What are some of your hobbies? Yoga, Singing, Hiking, and Cooking 

Keep Up with Ancient Gifts Of Love Here: https://www.facebook.com/ancientgiftsoflove

Check out Ancient Gifts of Love Blog:  "Ancient Gifts of Love: Cannabis & Yoga"

Want to start yoga? Contact Sayra Here: ancientgiftsoflove@gmail.com

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