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Dank Interview | Penloppe Puff 

We caught up from a social distance with Penelope Puff Blogger from the Munchie Report. 


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m married to a badass. We love animals. We  have dogs, cats, and chickens.  We enjoy doing  everything together and we are avid outdoors people. We love Finding local, farm fresh food or harvesting it ourselves. I would say that is one of our passions. I like to avoid talking about religion and politics, always. I am always looking for something new to experience by way of travel, food, or cannabis. I also hate waking up early.


So first things first,  I have to ask What is your favorite strain?

Call me old fashioned but Sour Diesel is my fave. Sure there are a ton of delicious new strains, but nothing makes my heart happier than the aroma of a sack of Sour Diesel. Always a classic. 

Bong, Joint, Pipe, or Vape? 

Ooohhhh. This is a hard question. All of them are fantastic for certain situations. What I mainly stick to are a good glass pipe, my RIOT dugout, and a vape pen when being discreet is a must and I don’t mind my throat being on fire. We much prefer flower in our house. 

What is your favorite dish to make? 

I love cooking everything! There is nothing like learning a new recipe and it turning out amazing! I would say what I’m known for is my bacon and  jalapeño macaroni and cheese. I make the four cheese sauce from scratch and there is always 2 ounces of bacon for one ounce of pasta. There is never enough bacon! 

What is your favorite dish to eat? 

Tomahawk ribeye with a side of perfectly pan seared scallops, truffled green beans, and a luscious herb butter mashed potato. There is also a lobster roll at Nobu in Las Vegas that was about the best thing I’ve ever eaten. 


What's your favorite restaurant in St. Louis

Hands down, Annie Gunn’s in Chesterfield. Everything is damn delicious and perfectly cooked.  They have a stellar selection of wines. There is no better service in St.Louis. My husband would recommend to you the smoked seafood sampler for an app. It’s fucking good. 

Katy Trail Tour: Chesterfield to Hermann, Missouri - Terrain Magazine

Image Courtesy of  terrain-mag

Who taught you how to cook?

My Grandparents and TV. As a kid, I never ate take out during summers with my grandparents. Grandma always made dinner and had some kind of treat baking in the oven. Grandpa was a grill master that made his own BBQ sauce.  They spoiled me. Nothing is better than a made from scratch meal. 

What is your favorite cooking show?

Anything Gordon Ramsay. As an adult, I have seen every episode of any Gordon Ramsay show, every Top Chef, and hundreds more episodes of random cooking shows. I like food. 

What are some of your hobbies?

Writing about food and marijuana (duh, lol), hunting and foraging, drawing portraits, learning about cooking, learning about wine, traveling, and watching street food videos from other countries on YouTube. 

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