Amazon Treating cannabis like alcohol.

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Amazon Treating cannabis like alcohol | Sky Cox

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Amazon in a blog entry reported it will exclude Cannabis on its drug screening program. To put it plainly, the organization is currently dealing with cannabis like alcohol, which means off-work workers can participate in a beer or a spliff not not be afraid of being fired or let go. Amazon says it will continue to do impairment checks and screen for drugs after on-the job occurrences. 

Amazon will exclude heavy equipment operators and truck drivers; those positions are regulated by the department of transportation.  Those job Applicants will still be screened for cannabis alcohol and other drugs.

This change comes as America is rapidly warming to government legalization of cannabis.. From medical to recreational use, America is waking up to legal cannabis and Amazon does not want to be left out. Dave Clark, CEO of Worldwide Consumer at Amazon, acknowledges the changing political landscape, which is opening doors to legal weed and criminal expungement.



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