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Never throw a stem away again!  I’m not sure who figured this out, but they deserve a golden cannabis leaf award.  If that’s not a thing, it should be, and maybe I will start it…  Anyways, back on topic.  You can turn your trash into some very potent budder.  There’s no real way to tell just how potent, but several people from a recent camping trip can back me up here.  I made batch of brownies made in a perfect brownie pan, which makes perfect brownies (not just a clever name!) 2” x 2 ½”.  Used ½ a cup of the budder I made, instead of oil, and it only took ¼ of a brownie to heavily sedate a person.  Granted, most were just occasional users, but a few seasoned vets said it was plenty.  How do you do this?  Well sit right back and I’ll tell you! 


Remembering to not throw out your stems is step one, and the one that does take some getting used to.  It also takes some patience, as you need at least 6 grams of them to get any potency.  I used a pint jar next to my station to toss mine in.  It took close to 6 months to fill, and I had around 8 grams.  I also had around a ¼ of some bud that wasn’t that great that I added to the mix.  Once you have enough, grab a food processor and get to chopping!  Start with a small amount so you don’t bog down the processor.  Once it’s all a semi fine powder, it’s time to make the magic happen!  Grab a stick of butter, ½ cup of water, and all of your stem powder, and throw them all in your handy dandy slow cooker set to the lowest setting.  Stir your concoction up every once and a while to make sure all of your “cannapowder” is mixed in with the liquid.  Let the goodness cook for about 4 hours, making sure that not too much of the butter has evaporated.  If you think that’s the case, you can always add more at any point.  After the time is up, and the magic has been made, take some cheese cloth and secure it to a medium size bowl with a rubber band or string.  Carefully pour your cannastew onto the cheese cloth and strain the undesirables from your green gold.  I recommend gloves before squeezing the last bits of budder out, as it is a bit messy.  Once you’ve squeezed till you can’s squeeze any more, put your bowl into the fridge so it can chill and separate from whatever water didn’t evaporate out during cooking.  You can toss the spent ball of stems, as those previously annoying buggers, have served their purpose.  Once the budder has hardened, you can remove it and store it in whatever container you choose. 
Hooray, you’re done!  Now you can use your newly made greed gold to make whatever edible your little heart desires.



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