Cannabis and Disc Golf, a Perfect Combo?

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Cannabis and Disc Golf, a Perfect Combo?

Ah Disc Golf (NEVER Frisbee golf or FROLF!), one of my favorite past times. The quote “Golf is a good walk spoiled” (NOT Mark Twain), just doesn’t apply to the Disc version of the sport. If anything, it’s a good walk enhanced. Throw in some good cannabis, and it’s a match made in heaven!

Those not familiar with Disc Golf, it is similar in rules and principles to regular golf, or Ball Golf.  Get the disc into the basket in the fewest strokes, or throws, as possible.  All discs are the same size, but there are different varieties, such as Drivers, Midrange, and Putters.  Most are made out of different types, and weights of plastic, except for one manufacturer that uses rubber.  The sport was “founded” in the early 70’s and has blown up from there, especially in the past 10 or so years.  If you check your city, I’m sure there’s a course close by, and discs can be fairly cheap to come by.  What does any of this have to do with sweet lady Mary Jane? Well let’s get to it!

I’m not sure what the draw is. Could be just the being outside in nature, or just the chillness that is Disc Golf. Whatever it is, I would say around 80% of the players I’ve played with, either smoke, or would if their jobs allowed it.  Before most league nights start, there’s always a few that get together and smoke in the designated spot. If I’m having a bad round, a few puffs off of the pipe or joint, and I’m back to just okay! I am by no means a great player, but I do have fun, and I’ve met some really great people because of forgotten lighters. So find a course, grab some friends, some bud, and find a disc (you really only need one to start with, maybe a mid range) and get out there, have some fun, and always stay safe!

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