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Deep Thoughts of a Stoner | A Cannabis Blog by Gazoo Propaganda

As any stoner knows, there’s a little movie out there called Reefer Madness. Now, we watch it as a comedy, but when it first came out, it was an info pic… People actually believed that stuff! One puff of a jazz cigarette, and you’d be mowing down innocent pedestrians and attacking the nearest female. Now, we all know that this is asinine, but people lapped it up like it was true… for a while anyways.


After the Reefer Madness wore off, they needed something else to vilify the devil’s lettuce. Now what could be as effective as Reefer Madness you ask? The Gateway Theory!! If the public was gullible enough to believe one, why wouldn’t they believe this? Well they did… and sadly, some STILL do. But we all know, the only gateway is to the fridge, or thanks to uber eats, the phone.

While the Gateway Theory was working it’s magic, in came Tricky Dick… This Dick is who we have to thank for the war on drugs. He came hard to the paint on that one, still ruining the lives of millions of people today. The worst part of it is, they knew they were lying about the drugs, but had to stop the hippies and minorities at all costs. And there were costs a plenty.

While the war still rages on, more and more people are “woke” now the wonders of Cannabis. With the majority of the States having Medical now, and more and more adding Recreational to the mix, it’s hard to ignore how harmless and wonderful it is.

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