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Ah movies, the ultimate time killer, especially when high. I don’t think I’ve ever met a stoner that doesn’t love to get blazed and watch a movie, hell, some movies you NEED to be high to get through them. Eventually I will get around to starting a “Stoner goes to the movies” series, but I rarely get out to the theatre, so they might not be the newest of the new… Anyways, let’s get to a few of the classics.

UHF- The Weird Al masterpiece that inspired this post. I use masterpiece loosely, as that falls on the high side of the “Must be this high to watch this” (or 12 yrs old) scale.


Dude, Where’s my Car- Yet another one high on the scale, yet cracks you up every time. (as long as you are VERY high)

Pineapple Express- One of the better stoner movies of this era, but pretty much anything Seth Rogen does falls under that category. Definitely falls on the lower end of the scale, a joint or a few bong rips, just to put you in the right frame of mind.

Detroit Rock City- This one probably falls on the lesser known list, but is a must see for sure. If you haven’t seen this one yet, it’s your next stoner homework assignment. Find it, take a few bong rips of your favorite strain, and enjoy your new favorite movie! Lower end of the scale for sure (see above for correct amount)

Dazed and Confused- A true classic, and launchpad of several stars. Another homework assignment for you youngster stoners not in the know. Another one low on the scale, a few bong rips are all that’s needed, but if you’re feeling froggy, make a smoking game out of it! Pick a character (or two!) and take a hit every time they do. If you can keep up with Slater, you are a true stoner!


Up in Smoke & Nice Dreams- I had to do a 2 for 1 on these two, as these are the be all end all of stoner movies. It would take a lot to beat these two. If you haven’t seen these, turn in your stoner card immediately! Lower end of the scale for sure, smoke a joint and enjoy! These are a couple more that you can make a smoking game out of, keep up with both movies in one sitting and you will acquire the status of stoner legend!

What are your favorites? What are your extremely high on the scale movies? Twitter- @Dpthtsofastoner                                                                                         Insta- deepthoughtsofastoner                                                                               Email-

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