When do you get high?

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When do you get high? Sorry for the slacking, I’m working on that… SO last time we talked about ways to get high, Now let's talk about when you like to get high. Prob going to be short and sweet, so let’s just get down to it.


I’m a, any time is the right time, kinda guy, but I’m a seasoned vet, and functional stoner. So I wouldn’t exactly recommend that for everyone. Before a shower is one of my favorite times for a bowl. The shower might take a little longer, but it’s a great relaxing way to center yourself before your day starts. A fat joint mid round of disc golf, especially after a few rough holes, always makes me a little more relaxed and focused. Then there’s the obvious, before meals or sex, and as I Just found out, getting too high around mid afternoon and it leads to an unexpected nap lol.

How about you? (Besides 4:20) Before a concert, movie, work? What’s your pleasure?

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