How do you get High?

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Wanna Get High? Ah Towlie, perhaps one of the greatest cartoon stoners, asks the ultimate question. “Wanna Get High?”, well how do you like to do it? Every stoner has their favorite way to ingest our favorite plant, So let's get to em! And of course, “Don’t forget to bring a towel!”

For flower, I like to switch things up every once in a while. Most of the time it’s just a nice glass pipe. That’s prob my favorite method for flavor. A clean glass piece and some hemp wick, and you’re headed to flavortown. Out on the disc golf course, I prefer a fat joint. I use the fatty, Raw pre rolled cones, and get close to a gram packed in them. Semi stealthy, and they are no fuss, no muss, great for on the go (after making them of course) For stress relief, nothing beats a fat bong rip. One of the smoothest ways to ingest, and quickest way to achieve your goal of getting that much needed mood enhancement (Use some Piece Water in the purdy glass bong and it will stay clean as a whistle!). I have a portable vaporizer that I got for travel and stealth, since there’s no smell from the vapor, but I rarely use it. I should prob charge it up and give it a whirl. Let us not forget what most of us old smokers started out with, the poor man’s pipe! Shitty, and prob bad for your lungs. The last time I used one of these, I was in Hawaii, had some herb and some papers, and I suck at rolling. So there I was, with a tall boy Coors Light can pipe, on the porch, watching the moon set into the ocean… If you have to use one, it’s not a bad place to do it.

Concentrate. Take too many dabs, and you won’t be able to! I do like me a good dab every once in a while, and I have several ways to take them, I just don’t that often. I prob have 2 ½ grams of different oils sitting around, just waiting to be used for their purpose. I don’t have a dedicated dab rig, so I just use either a quartz nail or my e-nail that hooks up to my vape. I was on a nectar collector kick for a while though. Prob my favorite way to dab, with the ultimate control of how big a hit. (I’m a baby dabber, with my old lungs) During Summer disc golf league, I like to drop a couple of oil balls in the middle of a joint, for a nice mid round pick me up though.

Edibles. So many ways to do edibles... I don’t really take them, as the few times I have, it really didn’t do much for me. Granted, I was already pretty high when I ate them, but still should have felt something more. Gummies are the big thing nowadays, check out the archives for my now famous (within my family) recipe, make your own, and save a bundle of money! There’s also a recipe to make some potent budder with your stems, so start saving them now.

That’s all that I can really think of, or use myself. Did I leave anything out? What’s your favorite?

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