Tour Stop # 4

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Tour Stop 4 - Cannabliss & Co. - Main St - Springfield, OR

Hi diddly ho neighborinos! Time for another tour stop, and that’s right, this time I ventured down to Ned Flanders neck of the woods, Springfield! I was down there getting my Gazoo and Zooga tattoos touched up, by the Great Chris 51 at Area 51 Tattoo (Seriously, if you want a cartoon related tattoo, he is the guy to go see) So of course I had to check out a local dispensary. There were a ton of choices in the area, and Cannabliss & Co were the winners. Seriously drove by 4 or 5 other dispensaries in the short distance from the tattoo shop to there, going to have to head back sometime. Anyways, on
to the good stuff!

Located at 2600 Main Street Ste E. Springfield, OR, Cannabliss & Co. is a nice little dispensary, that welcomes you with the sweet skunky smell of amazing cannabis as soon as you open the door. Weedmaps helped me pick this spot, with the strain menu. Most places only have a couple of pure(ish) indicas or sativas, and several hybrids. Cannabliss & Co. have 11 Indica, 15
Sativa, 57 Hybrid, 101 Extract, 76 Edibles, and 12 Topicals! Holy choices Batman, that’s a lot of cannabis! Eighths started at $20, with some amazing prices on Ounces, Grams of extract as low as $18, Edibles as low as $2.50 (Average about $15) and Topicals ranging from $8 to $99. If your head
is spinning from all of the choices, have no fear, one of their amazing budtenders can help you out with your selection. I ended up getting an ounce of great Lemon Sour Diesel (by Pruf) for $99 pre tax. Some big, dense buds that smoke up nicely, can’t beat it for $99!

If you’re in the area (perhaps getting some ink?) stop by and check them out. I’m sure you can find something off the wall of weed to get you where you want to go. Score wise, they get 4 1⁄2 out of 5 Bong hits. Choices galore push them above the rest I have visited. Highly (especially right now) recommend!

Have a favorite strain I should check out? Let me know!

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