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4/20 - CBD Wowzers, what a 4/20. I think I am just now coming out of the fog. I can’t say enough how awesome it is to live in a legal state. The deals on 4/20 were insane! (As were the lines) Plus the fact that Oregon is in a major surplus of cannabis didn’t hurt the deals. On the flip side of that, what’s good for the consumer, is no bueno for the growers, and that blame goes to the greed of the state. They allowed so many growers, just to get the fees, without thinking about what might happen. And I’m still seeing dispensaries pop up all over the place. Within one block from my work, there are now three. THREE! I guess that’s just job security for this here little blog, just more places to review!

Anyways, I’d like to discuss CBD a little bit this time around. It has recently started to blow up into the mainstream, and seeing more and more people using it instead of their prescription painkillers. I’ve also seen it allowed more in the sporting world, even the olympics allowed its use, as it is amazing for its anti inflammatory properties.I know it was recently legalized as a crop here in Oregon, and they had to amend the law shortly after implementation, due to how people were growing their crops. The State anticipated larger crops grown for the fibers, and what they saw, were smaller crops being grown strictly for the CBD. There is also some more greed popping up, as I learned in a recent trip to one of my fave dispensaries. We noticed that they no longer carried any CBD products, so we of course asked why. Apparently, when THC and CBD are sold in the same place, there is a new tax on the CBD… WTF?! A vitamin store can sell it tax free, but a dispensary gets screwed? Nothing more than a greedy cash grab at the stoners expense.

So if you use CBD and are in Oregon, buy it either online or from a shop other than a dispensary, sadly. On a lighter note, I’ve been mulling over the idea of starting a short podcast with another stoner or two, getting high and talking about some stoner ish. Keep your ears open for that sometime soon hopefully!

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