2 For 1 Review

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2 For 1 Review

It’s been a while, again, so I decided to give you a 2 for 1. I got a new strain yesterday, and went to a stand up comedy show, so let’s review them both! Let’s start with the reason for this little blog, the cannabis!

Strawberry Ice, 20.7 % THC 0% CBD, Not sure of the grower. This one could quickly become a new favorite of mine. A sativa dominant strain, which Leafly says, tastes like strawberries, but I couldn’t taste it. It does hit smooth though, and burns forever.

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If you don’t use a toker poker, your lighter will definitely have that black melted bottom corner after a few bowls. It’s got that smell that makes you want to shove it up your nose, just so you can smell it all day, and lives up to it’s sativa name, very energetic, makes you want to get up and do something. Perfect for your wake and bake choice. I highly recommend picking up this strain if you can find it. I found it at Green Way here in Salem, Oregon.

And now for the second part. Stand up comedy! If you’ve never been to a live comedy show, you really need to try it. Even if it’s just an open mic night somewhere. This show was definitely not that. My wife and I, try to go to a few shows each year up in Portland, at Helium Comedy Club. They get some of the bigger names in comedy, and as a bit of a comedy nerd, that’s my place of choice. This time it was Bryan Callen!

If you don’t know who that is, he is on The Goldberg’s, and will soon have his own spinoff from that. He was also on MADtv for 3 seasons, a few episodes of Entourage, How I met your mother, and in The Hangover 1 and 2, as different characters. He also has been on The Joe Rogan Experience several times, and has his own successful podcast called The Fighter and the Kid, with former MMA fighter Brendan Schaub. He is hilarious in all of them, and he didn’t disappoint. He tackled tough topics like racism and stereotypes, and the always funny marriage and family life, without offending anyone (tough to do these days) and making you laugh till you cry.

Not giving any jokes away, as I would just butcher them, so go see him for yourself, or at least look online for one of his specials and check out his podcast, you might just find a new favorite comedian!

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