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Tour Stop 5 - Mr. Nice Guy, Salem Or Been a while since I’ve done a tour stop, but how could I pass up a dispensary named Mr. Nice Guy?! Let’s get to it!


Located at 3755 Commercial St SE, in Salem. Mr. Nice Guy is a great little shop with a nice variety of everything. Several different strains and price ranges of flower, I picked up 10 grams for just over $40, and it’s pretty decent. The Agent Orange is better than the Purple Chemdawg, but it’s nothing a clean bong can’t fix! They have a diverse variety of edibles as well, both THC and CBD. They even have a beard oil with THC! If I didn’t make my own (and it wasn’t so expensive) I might be inclined to try it out, but $40 is a bit much, especially since I have a large beard that takes a lot of oil.

Their Concentrate selection is also pretty decent, with a few different price ranges, and some excellent looking live resin. A lot of cartridges, which are good for those on the go, and with the money to spend, as they are usually on the more expensive side of concentrates. You pay for the convenience I suppose.

They also have a small selection of glassware, and a little lounge area to chill in and take in the smells. I have yet to go to a dispensary and be disappointed in the smell of all that sweet sweet cannabis!

All in all, I would give them 4 out of 5 bong rips.

A great shop worth your visit. I have yet to give out a 5 of 5, not sure why, but it's one of those you’ll know it when you see it things.

If you think you know of one, let me know about it!

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