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When it comes to choosing what strain to smoke, it all comes down to personal preference.  For me, time of day plays a huge roll.  For a wake and bake session, nothing beats a good Sativa.  My personal favorite, at the moment, is Sour Diesel.  At 21.6% THC, it’s a nice uplifting high, perfect for getting your day started, and the ideas flowing (even if it is off on a random tangent).  For mid-day, or playing sports, like disc golf (more on that later), I like to mix a sativa and an indica.  I don’t really have a favorite indica, but picked up some Master Kush on a Budtender’s recommendation, and was not disappointed.  At 22%, it has a slightly skunky scent, with a piney, almost citrusy flavor.  It’s a little harsher than the Sour Diesel, but very relaxing and perfect for before a meal or bedtime.


When all is said and done, it’s hard to make a bad decision when it comes to what strain to choose.  The only bad thing with cannabis, in my opinion, is smoking too much. Unless your goal is to get a great night’s sleep, and if that’s the case, go nuts!


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