Strain Review #2

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Strain Review Time!

Once again, it's time to review some strains, so let’s get to the good stuff!

Chernobyl- 22.19% THC

This is one of my favorite Sativa strains.  An uplifting high, not a jump off the couch and get shit done high, but a good way to start the day with a little pep to your step.  This batch, from the dispensary, however, is not the best of the best of this golden ticket.  At first crack of the container, the first whiff and you get an almost old odor, like it's been in a jar for way too long.  That scent is followed by the taste.  It's a noticeably musty taste with just a hint of the flavor you would usually get with this strain.  It's not so bad that it's unsmokable, but it is enough to ruin the taste and enjoyment of consuming this batch.

Thin Mint – 16.91% THC

This one is a new one for me in the Indica variety.  A fruity, almost coffee like scent, but the taste is a slightly skunky, citrusy flavor.  This strain is a great before sleep one, very Sleepy Time tea like.  Not a couch lock per se, but a good one to get a good nights sleep and some pain relief.  Even with the lower THC count, it's plenty strong enough to get the job done.  I will definitely be checking this one out again.

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  • Purple Urkle and Durban Poison are two of my favorites. Both are good mid-level strains that won’t blow you out of the water, but are more like a warm blanket out of the dryer. I love them for reading or kicking back with a movie.

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