Holiday with Yoga and Cannabis

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Between family gatherings, shopping, cooking and all of the planning during the busy holiday seasons, a yoga cannabis retreat is the perfect pick me up. As marijuana is legalized these retreats are becoming common. Check out these great retreats that are also courtesy of

Coral Cove Cannabis Retreat

What better place to immerse yourself in everything cannabis than in Jamaica? Coral Cove Resort is just about as secluded as ganja retreats come. This way, you can really get weird if you want. This is no need to worry about tourists gawking at you. 

Spend your day hiking or check out Coral Cove’s healing mineral spring. Be sure to sample some of the many cannabis strains that are grown on-site. And if you’re interested in edibles, Coral Cove has got you covered. Their farm-to-table dinners are also infused with cannabis.


If you’re on the hunt for a retreat that combines cannabis and yoga, give Ganjasana a try. The cannabis is organically, ethically and sustainably sourced. The only catch is, this cannabis retreat is for women only. It’s meant to be an empowering, spiritual getaway that infuses the healing properties of cannabis. 

What is so special about Ganjasana? These retreats don’t just utilize one location. Book a cannabis retreat in Colorado, or join Ganjasana on the island of Dominica. Either way, you’ll experience a wellness-inducing weekend of cannabis of splendor.

420 Yoga Retreats

If you’re more interested in a cannabis and yoga retreat that you can share with your partner, check out 420 Yoga Retreats. Located in Manitou Springs, CO, they’ve got a cannabis retreat catered toward couples. What’s more is it takes place during Valentine’s Day. What better way to get closer to your loved one than a little weed and a few asanas?

Over a magical three days, this retreat aims to help your relationship grow and deepen. Through conscientious pairings of marijuana with yoga and massage, your body will also have a deep experience of relaxation."

Enjoy your yoga and cannabis adventures!

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