The Newest CBD Trend: CBD Infused Fitness Clothing

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The newest CBD Trend: CBD  Infused Fitness Clothing | | By Sayra Love

Cbd Infused Clothing

Get excited for these revolutionary times. CBD is making its mark in the fashion world and reinventing fitness wear. Recently, Acabada released the first line of CBD-infused activewear. You can now find fitness clothing embedded with cannabidiol, as opposed to the entire cannabis plant, only the compound without the psychoactive property (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is extracted and put into the clothes. There are many benefits to trying this type of clothing ranging from anti-inflammatory properties, pain reduction, and better physical performance.

The technology behind the CBD clothing is fairly simple and effective. The clothes are made when droplets of CBD are coated by a polymer. This results in evaporation difficulty. After this step, the droplets are added to the fabric. The CBD is then released with movement and friction, making this technology ideal for fitness clothes.

The benefit of CBD is powerful and when combined with clothing it is all the more beneficial for battling inflammation of the body. CBD interacts with the body's endocannabinoid system that is in charge of functions such as mood, pain sensation, and fertility. It balances and regulates the immune system functions responsible for anti-inflammation. It is great for both acute and chronic inflammation. There have been studies that have shown a reduction of symptoms associated with autoimmune conditions and are an alternative with fewer side effects, unlike steroids.

CBD is a healing agent for those with severe pain i.e. arthritis. CBD is applied topically. It's a great ally for fitness clothes because pain is common during workouts and especially when you're first getting back into the swing of things after the holidays. CBD is great with no side effects, unlike other medications. CBD's analgesic effect is ideal for its ability to reduce the illusion of pain located in the brain.

An increase in your overall physical performance is expected when trying out CBD infused clothing. Have you tried CBD infused clothing? Tell us what you think here in the comments.

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