Combining Cannabis and Yoga - Asana Poses

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Roll up your joint and roll out your yoga mat. Combine the life-enhancing effects of yoga with the added therapeutic state of cannabis. We're going to be breaking down yoga asana poses that are combined with cannabis. Experience how these yoga poses affect you.  

Mountain pose requires stillness of mind and body and visualization. Take a hit and then stand directly upright on your feet with hands at your side. Visualize yourself as tall and firm as a beautifully serene mountain. Strong yet still. Applying this wisdom to your everyday affairs is incredibly beneficial. The addition of cannabis sets the tone for the requirement of stillness. 

Upward salute cements all of the energy we shook up with the previous poses. Bring your body all the way up and reach your arms over head. Slowly bring down your hands into heart center. Remain here for a moment. Embrace the peaceful relaxation. 

Standing Forward Fold is a great way to activate the crown of the head. After another toke, bring your body upright, raise both arms over your head and then slowly bring your torso towards the center onto your thighs while keeping your hips bent. Slow and steady is the key here. We don't want to invert too quickly as this may cause dizziness. As you find yourself bent forward and centered bring your head down as if you're attempting to touch the ground with it. Let your arms and hands come down onto your shins and touch your toes. Immerse yourself in the melting of all tension. Bring yourself up slowly, head last. Notice the clarity that is present in your mind. 

Enjoy these poses with cannabis medicine. Feel free to experiment with other poses when you're going to blaze up. 

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