Wellness Yoga: CBD Oil & Essential Oils

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Many have tried to treat conditions such as anxiety, sleeping disorders, and depression with pharmaceuticals. More people are attempting the natural route and combining CBD oil with another naturopathic remedy: essential oils. Essential oils combined with CBD can achieve a calmer yoga practice. 

CBD oil combined with lavender essential oil provides sound sleep and aids in sleeping disorders. Sleep is crucial for optimal cognitive performance. Your body's natural circadian rhythm is dependent on a good night's rest. Dab a little mixture of these oils on the temples of your head as well as your wrists.

CBD oil combined with lemon essential oil is not only known to boost mental clarity, concentration, and overall energy levels because of CBD but its properties go the extra mile when micro-dosed with lemon essential oil. It is even safe to ingest. Not many essential oils are so be wary of this when attempting a microdose. 

Another amazing oil combination includes Eucalyptus. Mix the CBD with eucalyptus essential oil and reap the benefits of no mental stress. We use our mind a lot throughout the day. Remember to drop the mind at least once a day. The reward will speak for itself time and time again. 

At times a meditation may not sink deep into the root of the problem right away. Allowing yourself to partake in the medicinal properties of CBD micro-dosing with the beautiful aromatherapy qualities of essentials oils will guarantee you reach a calm state throughout your yoga practice. 

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