Let Things Come To You: Yoga and Cannabis Meditation

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Let Things Come To You: Yoga and Cannabis Meditation | By Sayra Love

Yoga and Cannabis Meditation

If you find yourself reading this, you're most likely aware of the effects cannabis has on the body. Now let's turn it up a notch by adding a meditation practice. The benefits of meditation are infinite. Combining a yogic meditation practice and cannabis use offers a euphoric purpose. Clear thoughts, reduction of stress, and anxiety are the foundations of this duo. Mental health is crucial for over all well being. These are a few ways you can bring meditation into your next cannabis indulgence session.

Choose your ideal strain of cannabis and method of execution.
Decide on whether you want to participate in a gaze (Drishti), body mindfulness, or breathing focused meditation. Perhaps you're feeling ambitious and decide to partake in all three.

A gazing meditation will sharpen your focus, bring clarity, and boost overall concentration ability as you are staring at something of your choosing which will force you to focus on that and nothing else. This removes obtrusive thoughts and sets the tone for successful meditation. A candle flame, a ripple of water, or even a cannabis strain can all be ideal objects for this practice. The purpose is to be in a soothing relaxing space reminded of such thoughts.
Another method that will bring you into a meditative space is dropping into your body after the use of cannabis. Scan your entire body, notice how each area of it feels. The use of your mind to pinpoint certain areas of stress. Allow yourself to visualize all of the stress disappearing with each exhale. As we go from this practice into our next one we can begin to see their correlation. Breathwork is a major component of meditation. Our breath allows us to become aware of all of the bodies we inhabit, the major physical body, the mental and emotional, and all of the etheric subtle bodies. Inhale a deep breath beginning from your belly and breathe in for four seconds then hold your breath for a count of four seconds and lastly release the breath slowly. Notice the calm effect after just one round of breathing.

We all need to make time for self-care and we find we're multi-tasking when partaking in cannabis use that's combined with meditative practice, resulting in ourselves saving valuable time and energy.

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