Yoga's Ayurvedic Guide to Marijuana

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Yoga's Ayurvedic Guide to Marijuana | By Sayra Love


When yoga and cannabis are combined it can have a dynamic effect on self. It is crucial to understand the power of these ancient modalities and thus treat them with the utmost respect. We want to engage in a practice that is safe and responsible to reap the most from the medicinal benefits and avoid negative counter effects.

Ayurveda offers wisdom in the overall wellness of our mind, body, spirit, through our choices in food, lifestyle, and natural body composition. It's imperative to understand that too much of something can become detrimental.

According to "Marijuana is known in Sanskrit as Vijaya, Marijuana is a muscle relaxant, euphoriant and analgesic.Unfortunately, it is also a liver toxin. An important physical impact of Marijuana is subclinical hepatitis, a condition in which the liver is chronically congested, resulting in irritability, low-grade depression, slow wound healing, burning sensations, rashes, allergies and yellowish eyes. Marijuana is also, by prabhav (organic synthesis), damaging to all seven dhatus (seven tissues of the body). Although Marijuana is not technically a physically addicting substance, it is powerfully habit-forming, as a result of its short-term euphoriant and long-term depressant effect. The smoker wakes the next morning irritable and depressed and hence very inclined to take another hit in order to get another burst of euphoria. The method of smoking is also significant since long-term inhalation of dry smoke provokes vata (the air bodily constitution) in the lungs and sinuses. A fifty-six year old woman who had smoked Marijuana for thirty years eventually succumbed to lung cancer. She had never smoked tobacco. Although an anecdotal story can never be regarded as evidence, it certainly gives pause for thought."


Listening to your body and taking stock of how you personally respond to any routine or new medicinal approach is crucial. Take anything with a grain of salt. You can truly enhance the health of your entire being if you practice intuitive awareness when partaking in a yoga practice enhanced by marijuana. Be safe. Be well. Be aware

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