Journeying through Cannabis and Yoga

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  Journeying through Cannabis and Yoga  | By Sayra Love

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Is it possible to pair cannabis when practicing yoga in a respectful and honorable manner? It's not about "getting high." The misconception is that THC will impair your judgment. When you are practicing yoga it creates a greater awareness of oneself. When you find yourself in this yogic state it is an ideal time to build a relationship with cannabis. 

She's known by many names and respected globally for her special powers. Marijuana is a tool for mind-body-spirit connection. Yoga translates to (yoke) meaning union. What it is that unites is the very same concept of the mind-body-spirit connection to achieve wellness and embody who you truly are, which is much more than you can imagine. Paired together the two powerhouses can open gates of consciousness. Participating in a cannabis yogic experience must begin with intention. Begin this journey with the intention of gratitude, as this will set the tone for the experience. Honoring and cherishing both yoga and cannabis for all it does. 


Universe in the clouds - yoga and cannabis


The ability to become present in the moment is an incredible ability. Many people struggle to do this. Marijuana is well known to dissipate the areas in which we fall short of mindfulness. Allowing ourselves to be present in the moment is crucial to living our lives in the most authentic way. This is one of the most fulfilling aspects of our lives. Allowing yourself to experience a journey of all that is in yoga practice with the assistance of cannabis gives one the capacity to open up to the wisdom and bliss of union realizing its depth and purpose. 

Anchor into yourself without hesitation. 


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