Amplifying Yoga with Cannabis

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Amplifying Yoga with Cannabis | By Sayra Love

Yoga is a healing agent all on its own. Cannabis is a well-known plant ally. Will the pairing of yoga and cannabis amplify the benefits of each one of these ancient medicines? 

We can look forward to a more enlightened society because the health and peaceful properties behind a cannabis-infused yoga practice will change the face of a millennium and all who are around to witness. We can see many areas of the world are beginning to legalize the recreational use of cannabis, therefore, accelerating the inertia of a radical shift in the world. The combination of yoga and cannabis has been a naturally occurring custom for thousands of years. It's interesting when you begin to ponder as to why a plant underwent repression. Many people would have healed from the many ailments in the time cannabis was made illegal. 

Do whatever is good for your soul - cbd hoodie- Cannabis and Yoga blog

The effect of cannabis on an individual is incredibly unique in terms of its ability to heal and or enhance spiritual development. Yoga allows healing and spiritual connection to take place and achieves this with a series of structures and disciplines. Yoga and Cannabis share in the fact that pursuing either medicine is a very personal journey. The effect on our nervous system is quite a profound one. Studies have shown the calming effects of these ally's on the autonomic system. The autonomic system comprises both the parasympathetic nervous system and the sympathetic nervous system. The ANS (autonomic system) governs our heart rate, body temperature, breathing, and digestion processes.

Have an open mind and heart in discovering that there lies more than meets the eye when it comes to either yoga or cannabis.

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