Cannabis, The New Norm?

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Cannabis, The New Norm?

Has Cannabis infiltrated its way into mainstream TV? I can’t help but notice more and more references to Cannabis on the shows that I watch. From straight out eating edibles and watching the wackiness ensue, to asking if the brownies are kid safe, shows that are considered family shows are treating it no different than alcohol.

That 70’s Show would have to be considered the granddaddy of all the mainstream shows that broach the subject, but that was more the stupid stoner hijinx. More recently, you see it on Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, and Life in Pieces. Weeds is of course the best, even though it did tend to focus on the negatives of the world, that was mainly because Nancy was a fuck up lol. If Weeds was the best, Workaholics is definitely the funniest, it gave us the term Smerk a Berl after all.

So, I guess my point in all of this stoner TV talk, is that the more we see it in everyday life, the more it will start to be accepted by those in the Reefer Madness generation. There’s already a commercial for a Florida delivery service, that is identical to a big pharma ad. The more we see of this, the better it will get for all.

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