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Deep Thoughts of a Stoner A Cannabis Blog by Gazoo

True Deep Thoughts of a Stoner So this week I thought I would do some actual deep thoughts. Feel free to tell me some more on Twitter.

Let’s get it to it!

Automation So they say that in the next 20 to 30 years, around 60% of the jobs will be automated. While automation sounds great, what it does it get rid of a work force. What happens when nobody has a job to afford the things being made by automated assembly lines? My thoughts are that money will no longer be relevant and we will go back to a more local, almost tribal, village like society. Everyone will have to get back to basics, growing and raising their own food, and learning almost lost skills. Not sure how tech and electricity would play into things though. What say you?

Aliens Do they exist? How could they not?! Too much space out there for us to be the only ones. OR, what if WE are the aliens. Our “Forefathers” could have colonized this planet after devouring their own. Thousands of years later, and here we are, none the wiser… Are they out there? Do you believe?

Age You are only twice the age of somebody for one year. Say you’re 20, and I’m 40. Next year it will be 21 and 41, still only 20 years difference, but no longer twice as old. Mind blown?

Horses Such a beautiful creature, but seriously, who were the first people to see them and think they could ride them? I bet it was something like, “I bet you can’t get on that thing and ride it” “Oh yeah? Hold my mead”...

Alright, that’s all my brain can handle for now. Hit me up with your deep thoughts!

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  • bahahaha!! “Hold my mead” I’m dying!

    Amanda on

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