Dispensary Tour (Stop 1 Diem Salem, OR)

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Dispensary Tour (Stop 1 Diem Salem, OR)

With SOOOOO many dispensaries around, I decided I should take some time to visit them. In the name of journalism of course… So my first stop is a little shop called Diem.

Diem is located in downtown Salem. A small little boutique dispensary, Very clean and classy. They have a nice display case in the center of the room that has a few buds on display, with some info on the strain, THC%, smell and taste. Their menu is nice, it gives prices both before and after tax (most don’t). Prices are pretty good on flower, with a nice variety of price points to choose from, and some of the best prices on BHO that I have seen in town (Most grams are under 20). Staff is very knowledgeable on all products, and quick to give a suggestion on what strain to try. They have a stamp card program, it used to be a % off after 12 purchases, but apparently the state cracked down on them. They didn’t get their cut, so no more % off. Now they have a very nice wheel to spin. They can’t give out THC products either, so it’s CBD products or straight cash. Home delivery is also an option.

All in all, I would highly recommend visiting this shop if you’re in the area. And if you think I’m giving a favorable review for some free stuff, all I can say is, I WISH! Nobody knows who I am or that I write this little blog. I may go tell them after the fact, but I WILL give my honest opinion of the joint. (See what I did there) Have a favorite spot I should visit?

Drop me a line and tell me about it!

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