Wife of a Stoner

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Wife of a Stoner

So my wife (DLM fans know what to do here) told me she wanted to do a guest spot. So of course I jumped at the chance to do less work! (I am a stoner after all) So be gentle, it’s her first time.

Living With a Stoner

Dating a stoner was all new to me, and marrying one was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I had very steep learning curve. I was not familiar with the stoner life. When I first started seeing my stoner I wasn’t sure if I could ask questions and I wanted to touch everything to learn about it. Well, after picking up the kief box and shaking it and seeing the look in his eyes of shock I learned to just not touch and ask questions first. I learned that just because someone smoked pot didn’t mean they were the stereotypical stoner that my parents had told me about. He taught me the term functional stoner.

While saying that over the last 7+ years I have learned that sometimes I had to change the way I did things before meeting him. Now I tell him I want to leave 20 mins before we leave (I am not blaming this on the weed...but it is part of it). I have to gently remind him many times of things to do or that he said he wanted to do. The biggest issue is that he can’t remember where he puts anything. He is a vaper, and probably misplaces his vape 2-3 times a day. I don’t even ask when he is looking for something anymore, I just get up and try to trace where he has been and find his vape. He loses his pipe and lighter at times as well. I am currently looking into some kind of tracking system to attach to these items.

With all of that being said, there are way more positive parts to living with a stoner than the negative. He is so chill all the time, I am sure he gets aggravated at me frequently but thanks to the last hit on the pipe he doesn’t show it!!! We always have great snacks in the house!! We like to cook at home, and I am thankful that he will try almost anything once. We have so much fun together and laugh tons. Not all of that is because of the weed, but it I am sure it adds an element to our marriage that we wouldn’t have anyways.

I am sure that not all stoners are as easy going and wonderful as mine, I am sure that not everyone has it as good as I do. I am blessed to have met my stoner and opened my eyes to a whole new world. I love all of his stoner friends and would much rather hang out with stoners than drinkers!!! So all said and done, it has been quite the learning curve. But I wouldn’t change it for anything!!!!


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