Tolerance Breaks

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Tolerance Breaks

Okay, this Flu has kicked my ass long enough. Time to dust off the old laptop and get to work. With that being said, let's talk about that dreaded thing, the tolerance break. (Insert ominous music here)

While mine was health imposed, some people actually choose to take them. Could be for a new job, or because the man is breathing down your neck, or maybe you just want to see how the other half lives. Whatever reason you crazy kids decide to use to “Just say NO”, it can actually be a good idea! (More ominous music).

I took about a week off, and when I was finally healthy enough to imbibe in the herb, just a few bong rips did quite the trick. So right away, I am saving money, as my stash lasts a lot longer. Although, the munchies definitely hit harder, so that might negate the money saving right there. How long should you take off you ask? Well that depends on how much you smoke, and what you’re trying to get out of your break.

A week can get your tolerance down enough for you to need less, but two weeks would be
better. And if your going for that full cleanse, a month is prefered. If you absolutely, positively need to know if you’re clean, grab yourself some home tests off of Amazon or at a Rite Aid.

There’s also a few of those detox drinks out there. Some swear by them, I am a bit skeptical. I have only tried the rapid flush, horse pills though and I guess they technically worked, as I didn’t pop positive on the test, but it did come back too diluted. Two of those add up to a fail in most employers eyes.

A few tips for your break, however long it may be. Stay active, hit the gym, go for a hike, play some disc golf… Not only does it keep your mind off of smoking (if that’s an issue) but it helps with those endorphins. Stay hydrated, helps to flush the system, and generally a good idea. Get lost in some video games. I have lost many an hour playing the Fallout series, one of the more time sucking, addicting games out there. Civilization is the only other game that comes close. Just don’t get too lost and end up pulling an all nighter. Done that a few times… Whatever you do, just say no! Especially if your freedom
depends on it!

Got any tips, or stories from your tolerance breaks? Let’s hear em!

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