The Munchie Report: A night with KISS and Danny Trejo’s Tacos

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The Munchie Report: A night with KISS, and Danny Trejo’s Tacos

 We took a couple of short trips this month! The first trip we saw the rock gods, KISS on their farewell tour (we’ll see) and ate some yum tacos! The second trip we traveled to Chicago for escargot. Check out that Blog HERE

 KISS was great! The show was freaking packed with people. We pulled in to the lot of the amphitheater and were directed to park in the next dimension.

On our way there, a bro in PERFECT Gene Simmons Cosplay is greeting cars. I mean, duh, we had to roll down the window and “FUCK YEAH!” that guy. Awesome.


We ripped a bowl of some sour diesel before the trek to the gates. The first thing is first. We needed a beverage. We roll up to the cocktail stand and the bartender tells us Jack Daniel’s is “ultra-premium” and 5 bucks more than “premium whiskey”. We all laugh and laugh. After we wiped the tears out of our eyes, we asked what premium was. George Dickel No. 12 was an option. This won double gold for “Best Tenessee Whiskey” in 2015 at the annual San Francisco Spirit Awards. It’s actually good just not as popular.

We ordered a much cheaper Dickel cocktail and the bro said if we want another round later, he’d charge us half price. SWEET! Knowing your food, weed, and booze can lead you into a world of awesome for a lower price. After grabbing our beverage we figured we should eat…………


DUN DUN DUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!! We turn around to one of the most recognizable faces on the planet, painted on a taco stand. Danny Trejo!

He has quite a few eateries in California but there aren’t any, way out here in the Mid West. I love street tacos………. and Machete. We ordered steak Asada and grilled chicken tacos, with a side of chips and guacamole.


Holy guacamole that shit was good! The tacos were packed with flavor. The chicken was topped with Verde slaw and pico de gallo. The steak Asada was topped with Verde slaw and pepito pesto. The tortillas were soft and tasty. There was a great acidity and the limes were there if we wanted more. The guacamole was topped with pistachios and fresh jalapeno slices. Perfect for added texture, saltiness, and heat. The chips were fresh. Fuck yeah to Danny Trejo!


The rest of the concert was awesome. It was a total blast people watching. KISS crushed it, especially for being 70 years old. If indeed it was their farewell tour, I am so glad we saw these legends rock out with our tacos out. ZZZTTT



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