The Munchie Report: Basic Cooking Tips for Stoners the Steak Edition

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The Munchie Report: Basic Cooking Tips for Stoners the Steak Edition| By Penelope Puff

A lot of people that indulge in cannabis, also like to eat. Duh, right? HA! Anyway, I find a lot of people don’t know how to cook and that makes me sad. Learning to cook means eating 5-star munchies at your house and saving a TON OF MONEY! Every so often I’ll be throwing out some basic cooking tips to help any 420 friendly humans enjoy food more. Today’s lesson will be tips for cooking the perfect steak!

Tip 1: Pick a quality steak.
This isn’t necessary if you’re strapped for cash but the better the product the better the end result will be. I always recommend grass-fed or organic meats and not factory-farmed meat. The flavor difference between a happy animal and a sad animal is real.

We get a 1/4 of a grass-fed cow every year and it ends up being around $3 a pound. Three bucks a pound for the most fire cuts of meat is a great way to go. We get a huge variety. From burger to filet mignon. It cost more upfront and you need a deep freezer but, I cannot stress this enough, so worth it. Just a suggestion for you meat lovers out there.

Tip 2: Before cooking the steak, take it out of the fridge and allow it to get to room temperature.
This will allow for more even cooking of your steak. There is some debate on the internet about how important this is. I have watched thousands of cooking shows (no exaggeration) and all of the people that say your steak should be room temp make a shit ton more money than the naysayers. So I'm going to let my steak warm up.

Tip 3: Dry and season.

If the surface of your steak is wet, you will not get a good sear. The goal is to sear the shit out of the steak while leaving the inside pink and juicy. Yes, I just said that. To get a great crusty sear, make sure to pat your steak dry. After that season, season, season. Load up with seasonings and pat them into the steak. I usually just stick to salt and pepper and this point because a finely cooked steak doesn’t need a lot of extras.

Tip 4: Screaming hot cooking surface.

This is the most important part of cooking a steak. Hands down. Whether you are grilling or pan-frying, the cooking surface needs to be hot, hot, hot. A steak only takes a couple of minutes on each side to cook, and again you want that nice dark brown, crispy, sear without overcooking your steak.

When I use the cast iron, I leave it on high until the pan smokes a little, then add a bit of olive oil. Drip a tiny drop of water on to your pan. You want to hear a loud sizzle. When you place your steak on the pan it should hiss way loud and start frying immediately. Same for the grill.

Get your first side super brown before flipping. Then sear the other side.

Tip 5: Finish the steak.

When pan-frying I like to throw thyme, garlic clove, and cannabutter into the pan after the second side is seared but before the steak is done. Spoon the cannabutter over the steak and herbs continuously for a couple of minutes to pack in the flavor.  (Use your old stems to make cannabutter. Click Link To Find Out How )

Tip 6: Touch the steak to know when it’s done.
DON’T CUT IT!!! You are ruining the juicy!!! Take your pointer finger make a pinch with your thumb. Touch the fleshy part on the palm of your hand below your thumb. That’s what medium-rare (awesome) feels like. Use your middle finger and pinch with your thumb, the fleshy part now feels like a medium cook. Use your ring finger and that’s medium-well. Pinky to thumb is well done and now you have to throw your steak in the trash. :)

Tip 7: Rest your meat!

Once the steak is done, let it sit for a few minutes. Like 5 ish. You have to let the juices re-absorb into the meat. If you cut it right after it’s done, all of the juice leaks on to the plate and you now did everything to perfection only to end up with a dry ass steak. That’s sad. Make sure to let the steaks rest.

I hope this helps my fellow stoners enjoy a better steak! Let us know how your steak turned out


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