The Munchie Report: Best and Worst reviews of Rec Dispensaries in Illinois

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The Munchie Report: Best and Worst reviews of Rec Dispensaries in Illinois


If you are curious about how the legalization of recreational marijuana in Illinois is going, buckle your seat belts.  I have compiled the best and worst Google reviews of the dispensaries out there. People are brutally honest. Enjoy! 


First, we will start with a “best” 

Inna G writes about Verilife Dispensary in Romeoville 

“2-hour wait but the staff and officers and security were all awesome. I tried their best and were very friendly. They have a pretty good system going. Stock changes but they keep everyone informed and provided updated menus. Don’t come too close to closing time as they do cut off the line to accommodate everyone by closing time and the best times are Wednesdays and Thursdays midday. Be prepared to pay up to 32% tax on top of the prices listed on the menus. Cash only but they have two ATMs inside.” 

That’s right folks. People in Illinois pay 32% sales tax. $85 an eighth. 

Next, we will do “worst”

Elizabeth C writes about HCI in Collinsville
“After standing in the long line, we were optimistic about fast, helpful service and quality product. Not the case. Better strains are available for cheaper in the ghetto.”

I kinda love this one… because it’s true. LOL


Lauren A writes about Dispensary 33 in Chicago

“I’m a first time buyer and the experience was so pleasant. Reserved my spot online. Showed up at my designated time and 45 minutes later I was out!They run a really smooth operation. It’s organized and their staff is SO NICE and knowledgable. I’ll be coming back for sure!”

Good job you guys. 


JohnnyIndica (sounds like he knows his shit) writes about EarthMed in Addison 

Drove an hour, waited an hour outside, another hour inside. Menu did not match online. No flower, no concentrates, carts overpriced. Did this 2x. Need to communicate better with folks inline……align expectations.” 

Very concise Johnny. Let people know rec in Illinois sucks before they waste their day in line. 


Jackson S writes about Elevele in Highland Park 

“People say amazing things about Elevate. I drove 30 minutes out of my way to check it out. The moment I walked in the door I was impressed. Great staff and a beautiful location. They carry a variety of products and great prices. I was very happy I visited and will definitely return again.”

 Most of these dispensaries do not crack the 4.5 rating. Elevele is 4.7 so I would probably check them out. 


Jamie O writes about Illinois Supply and Provisions Springfield

“Many things wrong with this place. Wrong forms given for medical card, seeds in the flower! (Gross Jamie, so sorry you had to experience this) Horribly unreliable small recreational menu, wrong items given. example: receiving shatter instead of live resin sugar. This has happened 3 times to my father and I. This place is a complete disappointment. Not to mention the prices which are astronomical. A bummer of what is supposed to be a good thing.  The seeded flower was refunded (they best have refunded seedy flower).  The mm card form was for under the age of 18. Mistakes happen, I should have made sure it was the right form before handing it to my doctor.”


Greg B writes about Sunnyside Dispensary in Rockford

“A very memorable experience in such a long line. The staff members were very helpful in assisting me with my purchase. The Durban Poison is a pretty decent mind high in my opinion.” 

Going to have to check that strain out now. Thanks Greg!


Nick writes of Nature’s Treatment of Illinois in Milan 

“Not the experience we’ve all dreamed of……. I was hoping for a big glass counter of beautifully colored sticky goodness and cool jive like atmosphere (sounds fun!)…….So needless to say when I realized they didn’t have any combustibles at all available on the recreation side. I was disappointed after the long awkward wait in the waiting room. Luckily the edibles (sour gummies) I was able to snag were fire. But the lil boy in the candy shop dream it was not……But very professional staff, facility, and clientele.”

I going to do a few more “worst” reviews right now because I want you all to understand what it’s really like compared to states the have been legal for years.

Rod A writes of Mission Dispensary in Chicago. Side note: This building looks cool. 

“Very poor selection. Actually I was only able to buy 1 type of flower. The WORST part is they don’t allow you to see or smell the buds you’re purchasing (shady just like the Illinois government HIGH-OOO!). You select it off an iPad and there isn’t even a picture. Also don’t think the flower was very good. Tasted bad. Wasn’t very strong even though it said 24% THC. All in all a waste of an hour and half because that’s how long it took.”

Kev writes about NuMed in East Peoria.

Kev is pissed. 

“I went in because there is no line. I’ll never pay FOURTY ONE % IN TAXES for what I’ve been buying for 50 years (we all feel you Kev) but I went in to simply ask a couple questions about a vape pen, and the lady behind the counters HIGH & MIGHTY ( was she high or like high high?) and on such a FU&&ING power trip, that she made it OBVIOUS that I was bothering her with basic questions. She is a RUDE B%TCH!” 

Carolyn writes about Illinois Supply and Provisions Collinsville

“Guys Really. The prices here are one of the highest in the country (that’s why none of us in Illinois are actually high. HA!) You are better off flying to Denver, CO and buying cannabis than coming here (true story a one way flight on Frontier costs about the same as an eighth of Illinois rec flower). Seriously, do your research they are completely taking advantage. Hopefully, other dispensaries will be much cheaper.” 


Last but not least Shane also writes about Illinois Supply and Provisions Collinsville

“Where do I start. So first off I’m going to sit that for rec being 2 weeks old, they did a fairly decent job of entertaining us while we waited, were friendly, and got us through pretty quick. Start to finish about an hour, but Denver took 45 minutes and you got to see product and hold product before you buy. Here you don’t get to do that (which is total crap). Everyone knows about prices being outrageous, but here’s my issue. My flower was dried out. Not just one container, but 2 containers of flower dried out. Which caused my flower to burn up quicker and since I’m from out of state I can’t just go back. When I did smoke the flower It had a very chemical taste to it that never went away. Then I compared my vape cartridge’s from Denver to theirs and theirs is smaller and 2-3 times more expensive than Colorado. If you’re in a pinch and have extra money to blow, this place will do.”

Now you guys have a little bit of insight as to how it’s going.

There are a few things the dispensaries cannot control. Most of it is because the state of Illinois is Trippin' on how they run marijuana sales.  32% to 40+% sales taxes are going to keep people on the black market. I’m not sure how the state affects supply but we are definitely getting reports of flower shortages and questionable quality. 

 Some of the dispensaries are crushing the customer service enough that people didn’t hate on them too much. Go those guys. Some dispensaries suck. Either way, you can count of severely restricted purchase limits, ridiculously high prices, supply shortages, not seeing the product before you buy, and a wait in line. 

My hopes is that Illinois will release more dispensary licenses and lower taxes. I also must say that even if buying it is a pain in the ass, we are all grateful we will not go to jail for the herb. 

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