My favorite snacks - A guide to relatively healthy munchies

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My Favorite Snacks - A guide To Relatively Healthy Munchies

If one thing is fairly certain it’s, that I’m going to be hungry after smoking a fat bowl. In order to not gain 700 lbs, we try to have healthy-ish snacks at the house. Here are my 5 favorites go-to snacks to help keep the waistline happy and our cravings satisfied. Check them out!

1. Wow! Snickerdoodle Cookies -  Gluten and wheat free doesn’t make these cookies gross. They are awesome! So awesome that I literally buy them whenever I see them. More often than not you will find them in a health food store or high-end grocery stores. Soft and sweet makes these an awesome treat! For all of our gluten-intolerant friends, wow! cookies got you!

2. Innofoods Coconut Clusters -  I am not all into healthy foods but if they taste like these things, why not?! Organic toasted coconut, honey, and some seeds all crisped up for a crunchy delight. Everyone doubts me on these until they eat em. Poof! The bag is empty. These are delicious! They are also slightly pricey so I go to Costco and get them on the cheap.

3. Provel Nachos -  These were definitely created because we were high. Provel is a blend between provolone, cheddar, and Swiss cheeses and you can only find it in St.Louis. It has a low melting point and is suuuuuuuper creamy. God loves you Imo’s! We took some organic tortilla chips and covered them in provel and salsa. Totally a munchie sent from heaven.

4. Homemade venison jerky - We make ours from scratch. We put some bourbon, Smokin Marie’s hot sauce (tastes like liquid smoke and hot sauce but better than that sounds), Worcestershire, soy sauce, and some seasoning salt in a bag with the meat. After marinating the venison strips overnight, we slap them in the smoker for a few hours. I could eat venison jerky all day long. Totally lean and tasty.

5. Trader Joe’s  Simply Almonds, Cashews, Chocolate Trek mix - Dark chocolate, cashews, and almonds. We get the individual bags or we’d eat pounds of it. Simple yet oh so satisfying for those late-night munchies. Also, I don’t like fruit in my trail mix so this stuff is on point! Having the munchies doesn’t mean you have to be a total fat kid. Check these treats out the next time you’re stoned and hungry!

What are your go-to snacks when you have the munchies?

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