The Munchie Report - Branson Missouri

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The Munchie Report | By Penelope Puff

  Food and marijuana are two of my favorite things. Ever. Join me in my travels around the US, smoking weed and eating great food!

  Two weeks ago we took a trip to Branson, MO.  The first stop on our road trip was Springfield.  Walking around the biggest Bass Pro Shop in the country, 

while completely roasted, is very entertaining.  After purchasing a couple of t-shirts and sunglasses, we cruised our way on to good ole Branson Missourah! 

  After a cloudy car ride to Silver Dollar City, we realized we were hungry.  I’ve been to A LOT of theme parks and I have to say, the food was fire!

My better half’s lunch was a delicious roasted sausage and potato concoction. 

The potatoes were cooked and seasoned perfectly. The kielbasa sausage was generously sized and tasty.

I had a sausage sandwich and sweet potato tots. How many theme park sells sweet potato tots? I don’t even know but they were good. Totally crisp and surprisingly, barely sweet, they were served with a maple syrup dipping sauce. 

After several rides and walking for hours, we finished our day with dessert!  Our decision was funnel cake. It’s not just your everyday funnel cake. Oh no.  This was a flavored funnel cake sampler. Because of munchies. We tried strawberry cheesecake, cookies and cream, and another one I forgot the name of (zzzttt) but it was a chocolate funnel cake smothered in chocolate, marshmallow, and caramel sauces.  Oh. My. Gawd. 

  After checking in to our hotel we hit the pool.  Some exercise, melon vape, and it being 10 pm, motivated us to go to Shoney’s.  Now, I’ve been eating at Shoney’s since I was on road trips with my Grandparents as a child.  I LOVED the breakfast buffet but in general, I dislike buffets. I looked at what they had before deciding if I was going to eat it.


I totally expected to be like, “Naw, give me a menu.” Shit looked good. It was pretty damn good for buffet food and our waitress was awesome.  Good Job Shoney’s. 

  Day two was crazy fun.  We checked out the Ripley’s Believe it or not Museum and splashed around at White Water water park.  Both were awesome. Lunch was a BBQ joint named Getting Basted.


The sign was a crunk looking cartoon pig.  ZZZTTT! So yeah, I was down. Unfortunately, my partner in crime couldn’t get a stout other than Guinness so instead we tried for an Old Fashioned. 


It seemed to be a task to find someone who knew how to make it. I always drink Jack and Coke so I was good but dayum, and Old Fashioned isn’t complicated.  He did finally receive a pretty tasty drink but you have to hope that one particular guy is working. The food was pretty good. I ordered the burnt ends. Tender with a tasty sauce. 



  Our last meal in Branson was at Whipper Snapper’s.  It’s located behind the restaurant with the massive rooster in American Flag coveralls on the front of the building.  Because Branson!


With the promise of all you can eat crab and lobster, we were yazzed to try it. That day, it was lobster day.  This meant you had to pay for crab. We had originally ordered the buffet (Branson is buffet city) with the lobster. Then we realized it was whole lobster which is hella awesome if you want to crack in to all that.  We did not. After a busy day of running around and hitting pens, we wanted food that wasn’t complicated. Seriously looked tasty tho. 

  We ordered the buffet by itself and on it was some AMAZING lobster macaroni and cheese. 

I’m super passionate about macaroni and cheese and I was impressed. It was better than most restaurants...on a buffet.  It blew our minds! I tried the fried clams and oysters. I have never liked either of these things but I’m always open to trying again.  I am now a HUGE fan of fried clams. Huge. I think oysters just aren’t going to be a thing, HA! For $12.99 a lbs, we also added 3 orders of crab legs.  All in all, super delicious for the price. 


  We appreciate you Branson, your family-friendly fun and numerous buffets!


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