The Munchie Report: A non-Munchie Report Review of Ryot Dugouts

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The Munchie Report: A non-Munchie Report Review of Ryot Dugouts

By Penelope Puff

A few weeks ago, I stumbled across a magical invention at the head shop. I may be late to the game. These suckers may have been out for a minute. I just feel like I would be doing a disservice to my fellow man if I didn’t tell the people who don’t know, how awesome Ryot Dugouts are.  If you already know they’re awesome, please tune in next week for our regularly scheduled programming.

(Editors Note: We are not paid, sponsored or affiliated with Ryot)

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Now I enjoy a good dugout. I’m not usually a piece smoker unless there’s at least one other person. It just feels wasteful. All dugouts have certain annoying issues. The lids get lost or unscrew, wooden dugouts get chipped and splinter eventually, and you always have to have a half resinated safety pin stuck to the inside of your pocket. No more!!!!


The Ryot dugout comes with a plethora of features to make discreet smoking so much better! Let’s start with the design. Acrylic is always the coolest in my book. It’s more durable than wood and is usually way cooler looking. The lids on acrylic dugouts are a step up from wooden slide lids. You don’t lose them since they are attached. They sure do keep spinning though! I have definitely had to re-tighten my share of lids. With the Ryot dugout, you can only turn the lid one way or you can’t get the hitter out. This is brilliant! It keeps you from over spinning and loosening the screw.  On top of that, there is a magnet in the lid. Most of the time it closes itself. Even if the screw somehow did get wobbly, the magnet would keep your flower where it belongs.


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The whole piece is contoured to fit the shape of your hand for maximum comfort. That was weird to type about a dugout…… maximum comfort. ZZZttt. Anyway, they come in the usual dugout sizes short and long. They offer a wide range of cool colors or you can get our new favorite, clear. Back in the day, this was a sure-fire way to get jail time. Now that it’s legal in a lot of places it’s a great way to know when you need a refill or if you’re trying to pack a stem.

Most shops that carry Ryot will send you home with a metal batty for free or you can upgrade for a couple of bucks to a ceramic hitter. I like ceramic hitters better than glass because it has somewhat of an actual cutting edge. Glass or ceramic hitters are way better for flavor and also suck because you can’t clear them if they get clogged unless you have a poker. I’m sure there is a few of us that got lit and tapped the glass or ceramic hitter into oblivion. This dugout has a beautiful solution that is also stored in a clever way. Some dugouts these days come with a poker. Usually in a hole that it can potentially fall out of or isn’t easy to get to. In the Ryot dugout, you get a cane-shaped poker (great for keeping fingers clean) that is inserted through the bottom of the piece and secured by another magnet. Your poker is always easy to get to. This is also neat because it keeps any resin mess away from your stash and your hitter.


All in all, Ryot has a customer for life over here. A few other people were inspired to acquire one after seeing mine and I hope you go check them out. Thank you for creating the most smoker-friendly dugout I have ever used!






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